Posted by: bcbarano | June 10, 2008


Since it’s now officially summer here in NC (been over 95 for the past week or so), I’ve not been baking.  But… while we were at the farmer’s market on Saturday, I did find a deal I couldn’t pass up.  48 heirloom tomato plants for 5 bucks, the catch was I had to buy all 48.  For those of you that haven’t seen our apartment, there is absolutely NO WHERE to plant even 5 plants, so I went and rented one of the community garden plots.

Monday morning the whole family went down to the garden and we put in the plants.  So far, I’m not that optimistic.  Tuesday I went over to do some weeding and watering and we already had about 3 of the 30 plants that looked near death.  A bunch more were pretty wilted and even the ones that looked good had some yellowing on the leaves.  I’m hoping its just some shock to moving them in the ground and that a few days with some good watering will help.  If I only get 10 tomatoes out of the 30 plants, it’s still worth it.  I’ll post some pics in the next few days.


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